Cultivating Relationships with Fellow STEAMers

The Cultivating Ensembles in STEM Education and Research (CESTEMER) 2015 conference brought together “a community of practice and research that explores the relevance of performance and performing arts to creating STEM fields as humanistic, collaborative, inclusive, and highly innovative fields of practice.” In other words, like-minded individuals that are working in a space that is […]

STEM Dance-ology’s Big Debut!

Having workshopped the Tumor Killing Bacteria (TKB) activity twice, we felt confident about the content as we headed to the California Academy of Sciences for their NightLife Series. We were assigned a prime location (next to the penguins!), we had a booth staffed with fabulous volunteers, we had posters with engaging and explanatory artwork by […]

Motivating Scientist Volunteers to Dance

When planning the Tumor Killing Bacteria activity (first previewed with scientists at the Joint BioEnergy Institute – read more here), we wanted to supplement the dancing with scientist volunteers that could speak more deeply on the subject of synthetic biology for our big debut at the California Academy of Sciences NightLife Series. We realized we […]

Dancing Cellulolytic Bacteria: Right and wrong answers in dance and STEM

Shaila first invited me to collaborate with her during her work directing the Introductory College Level Experience in Microbiology program, or iCLEM: a summer program that brings low-income, high-potential high school students into the lab to carry out research. I was both delighted and nervous! It was Shaila’s and my first time working together; it […]

Nuf Said

When I was leaving my postdoc, I wanted to do something unique for my advisor. He had given me a lot of creative freedom with my research project, as well as support for my outside interest of combining science and dance. So, I figured: why not dance my advisor’s postdoc project on nuclear fallout. When […]

Welcome to STEM Dance-ology!

Welcome to our world of mixing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and dance (STEAM or might we suggest STEMD?)! We were introduced through a mutual dance teacher when Shaila moved to California… only five minutes away from Amanda. Shaila had tested out the idea of combining STEM concepts with dance to teach and generate choreography through an […]